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1. Alpha - Anteludium
2. Abyss Of Time - Countdown To Singularity
3. The Skeleton Key
4. Seal Of Solomon
5. Gaia
6. Code Of Life
7. Freedom - The Wolves Within
8. Kingdom Of Heaven prt. 3 - The Antediluvian Universe
9. Rivers
10. Synergize - Manic Manifest
11. Twilight Reverie - The Hypnagogic State
12. Omega - Sovereign Of The Sun Spheres


Monumental isn’t even a word strong enough to describe the new EPICA offering "Omega", the first collection of all-new material in five long years. On their eighth full-length, the Dutch symphonic metal titans go all cinemascope, in a stunt both effortlessly and cunningly unleashing their biggest, grandest, flashiest opus yet.

In the middle of a world in turmoil, of a cataclysmic change in society, Read more [...] EPICA somehow managed to create their most spectacular album yet. An album that is seamlessly bringing together metal and orchestra, choir and oriental instruments to a perfect storm constantly emitting goose bumps. A record with a specifically written suites for orchestra and choir, featuring a wide range of ethnic instruments recorded around the world by some of the best native musicians out there. In short: They outdid themselves.

MUSIC VIDEO EPICA Freedom - The Wolves Within

Added on 2020-11-27


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