ENTRAILS Rise Of The Reaper CD New!

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1. Rise of the reaper
2. For hell
3. Miscreation
4. The Pyre
5. In the shape of the dead
6. Gravekeeper
7. Destination Death
8. Destruction
9. Crawl in your guts
10. For whom the head rolls
11. Evils of the night
12. Cathedral of pain
13. The End

13. The End


Entrails return once again with a fistful of SweDeath that hits you so hard that your skull caves in. This time around the focus is successfully moved a bit more to the mid-tempo region and the cross-breeding of Swedish Death Metal and early 80's Heavy Metal works amazingly well and make you wanna get into your old Volvo 240, crank this one up and roll down the windows and scream at old people when you drive Read more [...] through town on a Saturday night.


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