MARILLION An Hour Before Itís Dark (Deluxe Edition)
CD + DVD Digibook Soon!

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1. Be Hard On Yourself
I. The Tear In The Big Picture
II. Lust For Luxury
III. You Can Learn
2. Reprogram The Gene
I. Invincible
II. Trouble-Free Life
III. A Cure For Us?
3. Only A Kiss (Instrumental)
4. Murder Machines
5. The Crow And The Nightingale

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6. Sierra Leone
I. Chance In A Million
II. The White Sand
III. The Diamond
IV. The Blue Warm Air
V. More Than A Treasure
7. Care
I. Maintenance Drugs
II. An Hour Before Itís Dark
III. Every Call
IV. Angels On Earth


This Deluxe Edition comes as an exquisitely designed CD sized hardcover Mediabook including the full album on CD along with a DVD containing a 48khz 16 bit WAV stereo mix, DTS 754 surround mix and video content including (but not limited to) a documentary on the making of the album and a performance of Murder Machines from Real World Studios, as well as a CD booklet featuring song lyrics & album artwork.


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