ALL SHALL PERISH Awaken The Dreamers
CD + DVD Digipak

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limited edition DVD contains the making of Awaken the Dreamers and tons of hilarious footage from the road

1. When life meant more...
2. Black Gold Reign
3. Never... Again
4. The Ones We Left Behind
5. Awaken The Dreamers
6. Memories Of A Glass Sanctuary
7. Stabbing To Purge Dissimulation
8. Gagged, Bound, Shelved and Forgotten
9. Until The End
10. From So Far Away

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11. Misery's Introduction
12. Songs for the Damned


Oakland California’s, ALL SHALL PERISH, returns with their most diverse offering yet! Never one to record the same album twice, ALL SHALL PERISH has made yet another giant leap forward for themselves and the death and grind genres. Awaken the Dreamers cements the band‘s status as leaders in their field after 2006’s milestone release, The Price of Existence, permanently secured the groups place in metal history. In a Read more [...] scene that is fast becoming stale ALL SHALL PERISH is here to resuscitate and breathe new life into a genre full of fly by night successes.
Death metal and technical grind have an interesting way of co-existing. While each genre shares characteristics with the other it would seem that many bands would rather stay narrow in scope and keep the two as oil and water. Formed with the intent of not being labeled with the restricting monikers of "death metal", "hardcore" or "metalcore,"ALL SHALL PERISH blasted onto the bay area scene in 2002 playing every kind of show imaginable. After recording a self titled 3 song demo, the Japanese label Amputated Vein Records released their first full length album Hate.Malice.Revenge (2003). After a ton of underground D.I.Y. touring, the band signed a world wide deal with Nuclear Blast records in December of 2004. Nuclear Blast rereleased Hate.Malice.Revenge in early ‘05 and ALL SHALL PERISH spent the rest of 2005 touring and writing their second record. Successful tours with the likes of SIX FEET UNDER, AS I LAY DYING, BLEEDING THROUGH, BRUJERIA, DYING FETUS and DIECAST all helped expose the band to a new and diverse audience.
Ever since then, ALL SHALL PERISH have been re-defining the death and grind genres with vibrant ideas and unrelenting delivery. Giving us brutal music that possesses a natural need to experiment and push the boundaries of the extreme underground. While Hate.Malice.Revenge. quickly gave the band a name throughout the underground, it was their second offering, The Price Of Existence, that turned the death metal and underground hordes on their collective ear. The release earned them the reputation of being one of the best young extreme acts from the United States in this new millennium. Tours with such genre leaders as AGNOSTIC FRONT, HATE ETERNAL, RED CHORD, DESPISED ICON, SUICIDE SILENCE, ARSIS and THE FACELESS would follow. Soon the band set their sites on writing a new record and just one question was on everyone’s mind; could they possibly top The Price of Existence?
Jump to present day and the answer is obviously a resounding, YES THEY CAN! Awaken the Dreamers was produced and mixed once again by Zach Ohren (DECREPIT BIRTH, ODIOUS MORTEM, LIGHT THIS CITY), capturing the unbridled energy of their live shows more effectively than ever. There’s even a face melting guitar solo from guitar hero Rusty Cooley on the track “From So Far Away.” Vocalist Hernan Hermida proves once again why he was choosen as the bands vocalist, showcasing his earth shattering range and giving the performance of his career. Lead guitarist Chris Strorey seems to have single handedly brought melodic and shred guitar to the genre, much as James Murphy (DEATH, OBITUARY) did for traditional death metal in the early 90’s. Ben Orum shows why he is one of metals most talented riff writers today, going from super technical riffing to the most gut wrenching groove imaginable. Powerhouse drummer Matt Kuykendall is no slouch either and will soon be ranked among extreme metal’s elite players.
In short, ALL SHALL PERISH has proven with Awaken the Dreamers that they are no trend, and can only most accurately be described as trend setters.


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