DISCHARGE War Is Hell (Re-Issue)
CD Digipak

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1. War Is Hell
2. State Violence State Control
3. You Deserve Me
4. Never Again
5. The More I See
6. Hype Overload
7. Corpse of Decadence
8. M.A.D.
9. You Take Part in Creating the System
Live in Stoke on Trent 2003:
10. The Nightmare Continues
11. Hell on Earth

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12. Realities of War
13. Doomsday
Singles Version:
14. Blood Of The Innocent
15. Beginning Of The End
16. They Will Lie / You Will Die


Reissue of the hard hitting 2008 compilation album from hardcore icons Discharge! Features both studio recordings and vicious live cuts to satisfy the fans of this influential band!


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