DEATH SS Rock 'n' Roll Armageddon (Re-Issue) CD

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1. Black Soul
2. Rock 'n' Roll Armageddon
3. Hellish Knights
4. Slaughterhouse
5. Creature of the Night
6. Madness of Love
7. Promised Land
8. Zombie Massacre (2018)
9. The Fourth Reich
10. Witches' Dance (2018)
11. Your Life Is Now
12. The Glory of the Hawk (2018)
13. Forever

13. Forever


In 1977, the band was formed in Pesaro, Italy by mastermind Steve Sylvester. The band became an international powerhouse, known for its haunting combination of the theatrical elements of shock rock and even more extreme rock and metal. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Armageddon” was first release by Sylvester who is the only remaining member of the band’s initial line-up. It was first released by himself, but he decided to present Read more [...] it to an international audience which is great because of the quality of the material!


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