DARTAGNAN Feuer & Flamme
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CD 1:
1. Cest La Vie
2. Feuer & Flamme
3. Farewell feat. Patty Gurdy
4. Feste feiern
5. Scharlatan
6. Glücksritter
7. Solang dein Blut
8. Ja, ich will
9. Drei Brüder
10. Auf unsre Frauen
11. Mein Leben Lang

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12. Völkerschlacht

CD 2:
1. Helden
2. An der Tafelrunde (mit Schandmaul)
3. Pesnya Mushterov (Das Lied der Musketiere)
4. Griechischer Wein
5. Wenn Helden Tanzen
6. Kaufmann & Maid (mit Sasha, Saltatio Mortis, Subway to Sally, Feuerschwanz, Tanzwut, Patty Gurdy)
7. Ode an die Freude
8. Heroes


dArtagnan - with "Seit an Seit" they won the hearts of the fans, stormed the charts and conquered GOLD awards and many prizes. Now the fourth album of the musketeer-rockers is released: On "Feuer & Flamme" dArtagnan show themselves rockier than before - of course still with sword, fiddle and bagpipes but enriched by a lot of electric guitar, bass and drums. The album contains in the HELDEN-Edition a first CD with 12 Read more [...] brand new songs like the first single "C'est la vie" and the title song "Feuer & Flamme" and 7 more songs on CD 2 like "An der Tafelrunde" - the duet with Schandmaul, "Griechischer Wein" in a wild musketeer rock version and many more surprises.


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