DARK AGE A Matter of Trust
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1. Hero
2. Afterlife
3. Out of Time
4. Fight !
5. Don't Let the Devil Get Me
6. My Saviour
7. Glory
8. The Great Escape
9. The Locked in Syndrome
10. Dark Sign
11. Onwards !


DARK AGE present their seventh studio album. The five-piece from Hamburg devotes themselves to Metal for 18 years now - but always seeing the bigger picture. DARK AGE have the courage to listen to their instincts and interpret their point of view: Grasp the mantle for your own fate and acknowledgement of your own value are issues of our time - and DARK AGE seize these topics. The logical consequence of the youngest Read more [...] DARK AGE-development is the album title "A MATTER OF TRUST". Because everything is a matter of trust: Trust in your own, trust in other people and the things around you. In 2008 Metal Hammer Germany already approved that DARK AGE "are playing the most modern Metal you can find these days - at least in Germany". Now the five bandmates are taking this quote to higher level: The new record "A MATTER OF TRUST" is pumping out of the speakers in the typical DARK AGE sound with hard drums, shredding guitar riffs and electronic elements. What is new, on the other hand is, that the main focus is on the song itself and its hook line rather than on the riff - a development that
started with "ACEDIA" in 2009.


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