CYSTECTOMY Deprive To Hollowness
CD Jewel case

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1. Incorporeal Ontologies
2. Past Life Amnesia
3. Reincarnation
4. The Oath of Falsifiers
5. Psychic Boundary
6. Gangrenous Awareness
7. Holocaust Witness
8. Grim Season Circulation
9. Atonement
10. Witness of the Cataclysm


Formed in 2020, this past year of plague has brought us a new strain of brutal death metal sickness. Hailing from disparate parts of the globe and featuring the punishing guitar skills of Oscar Ortega, Cystectomy was created for the glorification of musical extremity. Their debut album ‘Deprive to Hollowness’ has been sculpted from gore and blood, a monolith of horror, imperious in its power, chilling in its Read more [...] merciless fury. On November 5th, when its last haunting tones have faded into silence, ‘Deprive to Hollowness’ will still be writhing in your mind, a beast forever alive in your memories.


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