CUSTARD Imperium Rapax
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1. Imperium Rapax
2. Children Of The Wolf
3. In Umbra Aquilae
4. Res Publica
5. Blessed By Baal
6. Blood And Sand
7. The First Empore
8. Gloria Aegypti
9. The Goddess Of Magic And Death
10. Cornua Mortis
11. Furor Teutonicus
12. Ode To The Flames

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13. Morituri Te Salutant
14. Quo Vadis


Custard, from Germany, with their seventh album "Imperium Rampax". Simply indestructible! The band led by singer Olli Strasser meets the high demands of all classical Metallheads, as well as the Power Metal fraction. The songs are even more sophisticated, the production more powerful, the implementation more lively than in the celebrated previous albums. Thematically, this time it's about the Roman Empire. Battle Read more [...] anthems alternating with deeply emotional moments underline the complexity of the experienced stretches. Songs to sing along in the ranks of the legionnaires adorn the latest work as well as the fragile silence after a lost battle. The dynamics in songwriting leave no eye dry. With this album Custard not only become interesting for the fans of the Teutonic competition, followers of Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, Rage and the like are allowed to strike blindly, it is also offered plenty of material for advocates of the British guild, consisting of Priests and Iron Virgins. Metal as it should be.

MUSIC VIDEO CUSTARD Morituri Te Salutant

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