CRISIX American Thrash CD Soon!

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1. World in a World (Vio-Lence)
2. Critical Mass (Nuclear Assault)
3. The ‘Hood (EvilDead)
4. Chalice of Blood (Forbidden)
5. Toxic Waltz (Exodus)
6. Imitation of Life (Anthrax)
7. C.O.T.L.O.D. (Testament)
8. Infectious Hospital Waste (Demolition Hammer)


CRISIX band members are very much genuine enthusiastic music fans and they want to celebrate their favorite bands by releasing a series of tribute albums in connection with a music genre, style, area, era or year. The first one is paying hommage to their Thrash Metal heroes from North America, including covers of Forbidden, Vio-Lence, Testament, Exodus, EvilDead, Demolition hammer, Anthrax, Nuclear assault. The Read more [...] album was recorded in Amplifier studios in Barcelona, Spain and mixed and mastered by Gerard Rigau.


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