CRAZY LIXX Sound of the Live Minority
CD Jewel case

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1. Intro
2. Rock and a Hard Place
3. Lock up your Daughter
4. Blame it on Love
5. Sound of the Loud Minority
6. Riot Avenue
7. Call to Action
8. Road to Babylon
9. My Medicine (R.O.C.K)
10. Hell Raising Women
11. Girls of the 80s (+ intro for Heroes are Forever)
12. Heroes are Forever

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13. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
14. 21' Til I Die


It's a milestone for each rock band, and it's a milestone for Crazy Lixx, too: The guys just released their first live album "Sound Of The Live Minority" which includes their best songs of Crazy Lixx's present discography that are most cherished by the audience. This recording is the last one of the last show with their long time lead guitarist Andreas Z. Eriksson.


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