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1. Mik
2. Sons Of The Rebellion
3. Targaryen Wrath
(feat. Christopher Caffery, ex-Savatage)
4. In die Nacht hinein
(feat. Niels Löffler, Orden Ogan)
5. Schwarze Flügel
(feat. Agalaz, Obscurity)
6. Olga
7. Breath After Breath
(feat. Chee Salis, Baal & Ingo Putz)
8. Garden Of Bones

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9. Dance With The Wind
(feat. Andreas Müller, Dystopolis)
10. Hellraiser


Melodic Death / Black Metal with folk-influences and lyrics written in three languages (English, German and Russian). Since 2006, the band Craving from Northern Germany combines all these ingredients into a harmonious band-concept.

After the release of two demos, the band unleashed their self-titled debut-album in January 2012 via Apostasy Records. Productionduties were handled by Lars Schlueter and Read more [...] Sebastian Levermann (Ordan Ogan) while Helge Stang (Ex-Equilibrium) put guest vocals on the album. The result was well-received all over the scene.

Their second output will see the light of day on October 14th 2013. "At Dawn" again combines all the bands attributes and enriches them with a lot more variety. Chris Caffery (Ex-Savatage), Niels Löffler (Ordan Ogan) and Agalaz (Obscurity) added their special notes during their guest appearances and the mixing and mastering by Christopher Brandes in his Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Finsterforst a.o.) push Craving to the next level. The awesome artwork by All Things Rotten (Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth o. a.) completes the great package.


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