CORVUS CORAX Ars Mystica - Selectio 1989-2016
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1. Impressiones
2. Lá í mBealtaine
3. Mille Anni Passi Sunt
4. Corvus Corax Trioculi (Game of Thrones Theme)
5. Sverker
6. Cheiron
7. Hymnus Apollon
8. Qui Nous Demaine
9. Unicornis
10. Die Klage
11. Ballade de Mercy
12. Is Nomine Vacans (Gothic 3)

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14. Ergo Bibamus
15. Palästinalied


'Corvus Corax' are the kings of the minstrels! For 27 years the band has provided medieval music in its purest form. The minstrels are permanently on tour and playing live at all medieval markets and festivals. 'Ars Mystica - Selectio 1989-2016' offers twelve remastered, mystical classics from 27 years of 'Corvus Corax', plus a brand new song as a bonus: 'Corvus Corax' are interpret the theme song from 'Game Of Read more [...] Thrones'!


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