COMBICHRIST One fire (Deluxe Edition) CD

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CD 1:
1. Intro
2. Hate Like Me
3. Broken United
4. Guns At Last Night
5. Lobotomy
6. One Fire
7. Bottle Of Pain
8. 2045
9. Interlude
10. Understand
11. California Uber Alles

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12. Last Days Under The Sun
13. The Other

CD 2:
1. Hellblade OST Helheim
2. Hellblade OST Surt
3. Hellblade OST The Northmen
4. Hellblade OST River Of Knives
5. Hellblade OST Ray Of Hope
6. Hellblade OST Dillion
7. Hellblade OST Trials Of Odin
8. Hellblade OST Sea Of Corpses


The Fire is aroused - Combichrist are back, and they set their full arsenal into state. Precise. Lurking. Merciless. The ninth studio album "One Fire" shows a band, that's march of triumph made the whole world looking - and that's hunger for more makes it even more dangerous.

Cold industrial and heavy riffs seal a sinister alliance, driven by pounding rhythms, forged in 15 years Read more [...] of successful career. Because "One Fire" is retrospect and forecast in one, traditional, but not looking back. Formed of aggressive music and unchained live shows around the full globe, Combichrist return to their roots and celebrate the sound that made them great. They got support by Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) who purifies "Guns At Last Dawn" with his vocals. Provided with a cover that expresses pure chaos crafted by Deka Sepdian (known by the fashion line "Deathrod" by singer Andy LaPlague) "One Fire" is an album, that enables you to channel and come over your anger and frustration.



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