CHTHONIC Battlefields Of Asura
CD Digipak

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1. Drawing Omnipotence Nigh
2. The Silent One's Torch
3. Flames Upon The Weeping Winds
4. A Crimson Sky's Command
5. Souls Of The Revolution
6. Taste The Black Tears
7. One Thousand Eyes
8. Masked Faith
9. Carved In Bloodstone
10. Millennia's Faith Undone
11. Autopoiesis


The 11 new songs is an adventure. Its a journey with Taiwanese immortals. What await ahead are full hostility, murderous emotions, walls of iron that are difficult to conquer, lusts and desires that are not easy to bid farewell too, but there are also courage that inspires infinity. At the end of the adventure, it turns out of a quest for the perpetual prajna. When you feel tears on your face, you would realize that Read more [...] this is where all the stories told in CHTHONICs past albums come from.

MUSIC VIDEOS CHTHONIC Flames Upon The Weeping Winds

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