CHRISTIAN DEATH The Dark Age Renaissance Collection Part 4: The New Dark Age
CD Jewel case

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CD 1: Born Again Anti Christian :
1. Betrayal
2. Zodiac (He Is Still Out There)
3. In Your Eyes
4. The Knife
5. Peek A Boo)
6. Superstition And Fear
7. Dead Sorry
8. Malevolent Shrew
9. Blood Dance
10. Fucking In Slow Motion
11. The Painted Aura

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12. Kill Me
13. Pick A Boo (Cradle Of Filth Version)

CD 2: American Inquisition
1. Water Into Wine
2. Stop Bleeding On Me
3. Narcissus, Metamorphosis Of
4. Victim X
5. To Disappear
6. Dexter Said No To Methadone
7. Angels And Drugs
8. Seduction Thy Destruction
9. Worship Along The Nile
10. See You In Hell
11. Surviving Armageddon
12. The Last Thing
13. XIII

CD 3: The Root Of All Evilution
1. In The Garden Of Evilution
2. This Cross
3. Tar Black Liquid
4. FEMA Coffins
5. Illuminazi
6. We Have Become
7. Forgiven
8. Penitence Forevermore
9. Deliver Us
10. Secrets Down Below


Part 4 in 'The Dark Age Renaissance Collection' holding 'Born Again Anti Christian', 'American Inquisition' and 'The Root Of All Evilution' on CD in Jewel case with 24-page booklet including all lyrics.


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