CELESTE Assassine(s)
CD Digipak

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1. Des Torrents De Coups
2. De Tes Yeux Bleus Perlés
3. Nonchalantes De Beauté
4. Draguée Tout Au Fond
5. (A)
6. Il A Tant Rêvé D'elles
7. Elle Se Répète Froidement
8. Le Coeur Noir Charbon


They are a band known for crossing borders, overstepping genre taboos and keeping the (metal) world in suspense: Today, French avantgarde black metallers CELESTE take their immersive experience one step closer to the edge:
January 28th will see the release of the band's new longplayer "Assassine(s)", produced by Chris Edrich (GOJIRA, TESSERACT, THE OCEAN, LEPROUS) and a long awaited follow-up to 2017's Read more [...] "Infidèle(s)".

With their unique mix of black metal, sludge and post hardcore, and over 500 shows played since their inception in 2005, CELESTE have cemented their status as one of France's most important underground acts, and now deliver the first single off their upcoming piece of art, "Assassine(s)":
Driven by almost djenty rhythms, the band instantly prove their subtlety on this first excerpt 'Des Torrents De Coups' and brings overwhelming emotions through bleak yet occasionally blissful soundscapes.


Added on 2022-09-28


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