CARNIFEX Graveside Confessions
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1. Graveside Confessions
2. Pray For Peace
3. Seven Souls
4. Cursed
5. Carry Us Away
6. Talk To The Dead
7. January Nights
8. Cemetery
9. Countess Of Perpetual Torment
10. Dead Bodies Everywhere
11. Cold Dead Summer
12. Alive For The Last Time

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13. Collaborating Like Killers (Graveside Edition)
14. My Heart In Atrophy (Graveside Edition)
15. Slit Wrist Savior (Graveside Edition)


CARNIFEXs GRAVESIDE CONFESSIONS is no stranger to the harsh world in which it was created. While all of humanity experiences the turmoil of pain, weakness, and betrayal, it is also deeply ingrained in our nature to keep these notions closely protected; to keep them secret. Often as we approach death, we feel an insatiable need to reveal these things to one another; to confess. "...GRAVESIDE CONFESSIONS is all the Read more [...] things you want to say, but dont; the things you carry with you a little too long, sometimes right up to your deathbed. This record explores the spaces that we typically push to the side, in an honest and vulnerable way", explains founder and vocalist Scott Ian Lewis. "Theres a release, a sense of humor, and a catharsis to be found in going there, especially when you dont go there normally."

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