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1. Eternia
2. Tor des Todes
3. Guillotine
4. Sternenstaub
5. Mary Shelley
6. Emokeller
7. Scareglow
8. Ich komme niemals an
9. Hexenhaus
10. Silver Surfer
11. Loreley X2p1


As usual, singer and Callejon mastermind BastiBasti is behind the production of the clip. He is also responsible for artwork, design concept and art direction and, as with its predecessor "Metropolis", has provided the album as producer and mixer with an unmistakable, rich, brutal and yet highly defined metal sound. That "Metropolis", released in 2020, entered the charts at #7 and has been streamed over 5 million Read more [...] times to date.

Callejon are considered the founding fathers and pioneers of German-language metalcore. The five-piece band formed in 2002 and consists of Bastian "BastiBasti" Sobtzick (vocals), Bernhard Horn (electric guitar), Christoph Koterzina (electric guitar), Thorsten Becker (electric bass) and Maximilian Kotzmann (drums).

MUSIC VIDEOS CALLEJON Ich komme niemals an

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