MANDOKI SOULMATES Utopia For Realists: Hungarian Pictures (Limited Edition)
CD + Blu-ray Disc Digibook

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1. Sessions In The Village
2. Utopia For Realists
3. Transylvanian Dances Part 1
4. Transylvanian Dances Part 2
5. You'll Find Me In Your Mirror
6. Return To Budapest
7. Barbaro
8. The Torch

1. Sessions In The Village

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2. Utopia For Realists
3. Transylvanian Dances
4. You'll Find Me In Your Mirror
5. Return To Budapest
6. Barbaro
7. The Torch
8. Intro
9. Sessions In The Village
10. Transylvanian Dances
11. The Truth Behind The Dance
12. Cedar Of Life
13. Session In The Academy
14. Utopia For Realists
15. Children's Dance
16. You'll Find Me In Your Mirror
17. New York
18. Furioso
19. The Torch
20. Behind The Scenes


Leslie Mandoki plays together with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), John Helliwell (Supertramp), Nick van Eede (Cutting Crew), Till Brönner, Szakcsi, Jane Xie, Steve Bailey, Al Di Meola, Peter Maffay, Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp), Cory Henry, Deobrat Mishra, Mike Stern, Margarita, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Sirreal, Richard Bona, Moto Fukushima, Tony Carey, Julia Mandoki.

Entitled "Utopia for Realists", Read more [...] the BluRay "Hungarian Pictures" combines the recording of the concert film of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with an impressive cinematic realization of the individual musical episodes. It also provides exclusive insights behind the scenes of the Soulmates production live and in the studio, a "making of". The package is completed by an audiophile CD with the original studio recordings of the Prog Rock suite.


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