BELZEBUBS Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods CD

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1. Cathedrals Of Mourning
2. The Faustian Alchemist
3. Blackened Call
4. Acheron
5. Nam Gloria Lucifer
6. The Crowned Daughters
7. Dark Mother
8. The Werewolf Bride
9. Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods
Bonus Tracks:
10. Nuns In The Purgatory
11. Maleficarum - The Veil of the Moon Queen Part I


Recorded at Hellhole Studios during autumn 2018, ”Pantheon of the Nightside Gods“ also features a fierce roster of guest talent, including the likes of Desibelius, ICS Vortex and Skvllcraft and more. The album was mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö, who's also responsible for the sound of DARK FUNERAL’s ”The Secrets Of The Black Arts”, DISSECTION’s ”The Somberlain” and many others.

MUSIC VIDEO BELZEBUBS Cathedrals Of Mourning


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