BEHEADED Only Death Can Save You CD

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1. The Charlatan's Enunciation
2. Evil be to Him Who Evil Seeks
3. A Greater Terror
4. Unholy Man
5. Embrace Your Messiah
6. The Papist Devil
7. Gallows Walk
8. Only Death Can Save You
9. From the Fire Where it All Began


Forged from the darkest depths, "Only Death Can Save You" breathes violence and marches fearlessly down its death metal path. Summoning the visceral classic and the caustic edge of later death metal, the new punishing album spreads its aural horror with razor sharp precision.

"Only Death Can Save You" was recorded and mixed at Mk2 Recording Studio, run by the band's drummer, Read more [...] Davide Billa. The album was mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland. Cover artwork was painted by Daniel Corcuero (Nekronikon).


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