ASCEND THE HOLLOW Echoes of Existence CD

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1. Polaris calling
2. Vessels
3. Mother of morality
4. Sea of crises
5. Into the black eye
6. This dark rage
7. Swarms within
8. Prisoners of the storm
9. Repent rewind reset
10. C3lls


When "Echoes Of Existence" is released this summer, the Cyber Metal Maniacs will definitely have new fans. The album is an intense and fierce trip into the abysses of contemporary culture and the depths of human existence. There are some bands who pursue this approach, but only a few succeed so forcefully, relentlessly and brutally. ASCEND THE HOLLOW will join the first league of the hard Metal scene with Read more [...] this masterpiece!

MUSIC VIDEO ASCEND THE HOLLOW Prisoners of the storm

Added on 2019-05-24


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