ARENA Contagion CD

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1. Witch Hunt
2. An Angel Falls
3. Painted Man
4. (This Way) Madness Lies
5. Spectre at the Feast
6. Never Ending Night
7. Skin Game
8. Salamander
9. On the Box
10. Tsunami
11. Bitter Harvest
12. The City of Lanterns

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13. Riding the Tide
14. Mea Culpa
15. Cutting the Cards
16. Ascension


The long-awaited moment has come, January 2003 brings the release of Contagion! Being the first subsequent studio album with the same line up, the album reflects the growing unity of the band. It’s another concept album, this time based on a short story written by Clive, and offers ‘a dark vision of the future’. Surpassing The Visitor with even better artwork by fantasy artist David Wyatt and an intense musical Read more [...] roller-coaster ride, the album leaves both fans and critics stunned. It’s impossible to name any highlights – the album is one coherent whole. It gives Arena their first chart position in the band’s existence, in both Germany and Holland.


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