ANDRALLS Bleeding for Thrash CD New!

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1. We Are the Only Ones
2. Andralls on Fire Part III
3. 64 Bullets
4. Bleeding For Thrash
5. Legion
6. Noiséthrash
7. After Apocalypse
8. Imminent Cancer
9. Acid Rain - Fasthrash Version (Subtera)
10. On Fire
11. 27*02*18
Bonus Tracks:

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Live SWR Barrosselas Metalfest 2018
12. We Are The Only Ones
13. Fear Is My Ally


Consisting of 11 new tracks, this is the seventh full-length of the trio founded in 1998, in Sao Paulo, which describes itself as "fastthrash". The MDD release features 2 bonus live tracks, recorded at SWR Barrosselas Metalfest 2018.

"Bleeding For Thrash" features an aggressive, technical, dirty and fast approach, which has become the trademark of the brazilians. It was recorded Read more [...] and produced in the Papiris Studio under the direction of Caio Monfort.


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