ALFAHANNE Atomvinter CD New!

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1. Atomvinter (Feat. Hoest)
2. Lovers Against The World
3. Alla Mot Alla (Feat. Nag)
4. A Place To Call Home (Ärla Boggie)
5. Sluten Cirkel
6. Sakna Mig Som Om Jag Var Död
7. The Heavy Burden
8. Himlen Kan Vänta
9. En Tight Knut


The deathcult known as ALFAHANNE, with their unique mix of black metal, punk, 80s new wave, goth and good old rock n roll will take you deeper into that never ending void than ever before. Atomvinter gives you 9 tunes filled with blazing guitars, chanting vocals and danceable beats. A masterpiece. Along the way they have joined forces with equals such as Hoest and Nag to form an alliance strong enough to bring down Read more [...] the world, once again. The circle is complete, the clouds are gathering, everything that lives will die!


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