AETERNITAS Rappacinis Tochter - Highlights
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1. Ouvertüre (edit)
2. Vaters Gebot
3. Ein neuer Morgen
4. Tochter des Teufels
5. Das Machtwort
6. Maria
7. Liebe sprengt die Ketten
8. Mein Lebenswerk
9. Die letzte Tat
10. Für immer Frei
11. Wahre Liebe


Giovanni a young student of medicine observes Beatrice the beautiful daughter of Dr. Rappaccini a scientist working in isolation. Beatrice is confined to the lush and locked gardens in which experiments involving poisonous plants take place. Having fallen in love Giovanni ignores the warning of his mentor Professor Baglioni that Rappaccini is up to no good and he and his work should be shunned.


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