AEON ZEN Transversal
CD Digipak

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1. I: Twilight
2. II: A New Day
3. III: Chase The Sunrise
4. IV: 10.000 Eyes
5. V: Force Of Fire
6. VI: Lines Redrawn
7. VII: Purgatory Rechristened
8. VIII: Twilight Reprise
9. IX: It Ends As It Began
10. X: Forever


The band has described the album as a very special release for a number of reasons. Main writer and founder Rich Gray had the following to say:
"It's true, the upcoming Aeon Zen release will be our last. Aeon Zen has been a wonderful adventure, but it is also time for new journeys to be written. Instead of letting the band die a silent death, we wanted to make one final, monumental, release to go out with a Read more [...] bang!"
"Transversal is the most complete piece of music I have ever written, a single song that spans the entire album. 14 years in the making, its composition began before Aeon Zen even existed and has finally been completed in 2021 as Aeon Zens conclusion. This release encompasses all that made, and still makes, Aeon Zen what it is and we can't wait to share this with you all!"


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