ACCEPT Symphonic Terror - Live At Wacken 2017 (Limited Edition) Blu-ray Disc + CD

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Part 1 - Accept
1. Die By The Sword
2. Restless And Wild
3. Koolaid
4. Pandemic
5. Final Journey
Part 2 - Headbanger's Symphony
6. Night On Bald Mountain
7. Scherzo
8. Romeo And Juliet
9. Pathetique
10. Double Cello Concerto In G Minor
11. Symphony No. 40 In G Minor
Part 3 - Accept with Orchestra

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12. Princess Of The Dawn
13. Stalingrad
14. Dark Side Of My Heart
15. Breaker
16. Shadow Soldiers
17. Dying Breed
18. Fast As A Shark
19. Metal Heart
20. Teutonic Terror
21. Balls To The Wall
22. Making Of Wacken
23. Making Of Headbangers Symphony

CD 1:
1. Die By The Sword
2. Restless and Wild
3. Koolaid
4. Pandemic
5. Final Journey
6. Night on Bald Mountain
7. Scherzo
8. Romeo and Juliet
9. Pathetique
10. Double Cello Concerto in G Minor
11. Symphony NO. 40 in G Minor

CD 2:
1. Princess of the Dawn
2. Stalingrad
3. Dark Side of My Heart
4. Breaker
5. Shadow Soldiers
6. Dying Breed
7. Fast as a Shark
8. Metal Heart
9. Teutonic Terror
10. Balls to the Wall


Fans can expect a unique, 2 hour ACCEPT show, shot on August 3rd, 2017 at the legendary W:O:A, where the band played the biggest and most extraordinary show of their career in front of 80.000 live fans at the festival, on top of thousands more fans watching via the live stream! The show was divided into three parts, showing the full creative power of ACCEPT: The first part hosted the premiere of new tracks 'Die Read more [...] By The Sword' and 'Koolaid', as well as some of their most popular songs, such as 'Restless And Wild' and 'Pandemic'. The middle part hosted guitarist Wolf Hoffmann accompanied by a symphony orchestra, presenting the best-of from his recent solo album »Headbangers Symphony«, which includes metal versions of some of the world‘s biggest classical compositions (e.g. from Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi,...). And in the last but not least part, fans were able to bang their heads to ACCEPT anthems (also accompanied by the orchestra), such as 'Princess Of The Dawn', 'Breaker', 'Fast As A Shark' and 'Metal Heart', as well as to new songs like 'Stalingrad', 'Shadow Soldiers' or 'Teutonic Terror'. The finale could be nothing less than an 8 minute version of their eminent hit 'Balls To The Walls'!

MUSIC VIDEOS ACCEPT Shadow Soldiers (Live)

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