SUASION The infinite
CD Digipak

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1. Astro
2. Murphy's Law
3. Infinite
4. Explore
5. Transformation
6. Black or White
7. Trapped
8. Momentum
9. Celestial
10. House of Cards
11. Equilibrium
12. Naught


Suasion’s "The Infinite" could make for a thrilling blockbuster score with its electronic elements, enchanting vibes, and film music approach. While “Astro” builds up on momentum, "Murphy’s Law", feat. Florent Salfati, is the song reveals Suasion's true face. Branching from industrial metal to modern metalcore, there's djenty riffs and catchy vocals dancing with techcore synthies - Resulting in a Lire la suite [...] danceability similar to Electric Callboy’s music. Still, there’s always an essence of epicness that perfectly find its way into techy breaks and electronic sounds. Narrating a journey, "Murphy's Law" picks up with the reason that is misfortune, while "Infinite" draws attention to the goal of "The Infinite" concept. "The song is a message filled with hope and determination as we really want to shout the truth: if you want something, go get it." This is where the proper story starts - a story with ups and downs like doubt and fear ("Transformation") and challenges, found on the aggressive-sounding "Trapped".

What ties all songs on "The Infinite" together is that they come with a bombastic approach and highly energizing guitar riffs in between eclectic electronic and orchestral elements. There’s a lot of modern rock music in "House of Cards", while "Equilibrium" reveals heavy riffings and an alternative rock contrast. Surrounded by organized chaos, one can only wait for the end of the tunnel, which shows with "Naught" offering a peaceful orchestral ending to the album. Suasion showcase various influences oscillating between rock and metalcore, set for any fan of bands like Starset, Solence, Blind Channel, Self Deception, or even Bring Me The Horizon.

"The Infinite" is an album that stands out in its scene thanks to Suasion’s futuristic sound and their approach of narrating a multidimensional story to its recipients.


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