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1. Demise Promise
2. Drag Me to Agony
3. Buzzard Czar
4. No Heirs // Dead Souls
5. Echoless
6. Arachno-Mariticide
7. Petrochemical
8. Scoundrel // Wraith
9. Swamp Mind
10. Juris Domina
11. Ecocide
12. Event Horizon


SLUGCRUST seeks to bring political issues to light in a way that galvanises action and activism. The title derives from the process of destroying environmental structures or ecosystems, either via natural means or - as is more pertinent in the case of this album - deliberate human actions. Depravity is a recurring theme throughout the lyrics; emotional and physical immorality and degeneracy permeates the twelve Lire la suite [...] tracks that make up Ecocide.

The formation of all SLUGCRUST tracks start with the skeleton of the drums; the meat and muscle of each missive comes from the guitar and bass, with the lyrics and vocals being the skin binding it all together. The album was engineered by guitarist Derrick Caperton, before being mixed and mastered by Cody Davidson of Sanguisugabogg. Although primarily embedded in grindcore, SLUGCRUST also dabbles in crust punk and even doom to bring together their ominous, explosive take on extreme metal. Embracing the rawness of punk with the familiar ferocity of blast beats is the foundation of their work.


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