WOLCENSMEN video: The Ferryman (Audio Track)

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The Ferryman (Audio Track)
Nouvelle Promo Video pour l'album 'Songs From The Fyrgen' sorti le 30-11-2018 via INDIE Recordings voir ci-dessous
Le groupe Pagan & Folk WOLCENSMEN (Royaume-Uni) sortira son nouvel album 'Songs From The Fyrgen' (CD) le 30 Novembre 2018 via INDIE Recordings

CD 1:
1. Withershins
2. The Fyre-Bough
3. Sunne
4. Hoofes Upon the Shymmeringe Path
5. ‘Neath a Wreath of Firs
6. The Mon o’ Micht
7. Snowfall
8. The Bekens Are Aliht
9. Yerninge

CD 2: Songs from the Mere EP bonus disc
1. The Ferryman
2. Lady of the Depe
3. The Greene Wall
4. Beholdinge, He...
5. Man of Iron (Bathory cover)

PROMO VIDEO WOLCENSMEN The Ferryman (Audio Track)