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An Apathetic Grave (Lyric Video)
Nouvelle Promo Video pour l'album "Fear Those Who Fear Him" sorti le 02-06-2017 via CENTURY MEDIA voir ci-dessous

Le groupe Doom VALLENFYRE (Royaume-Uni) sortira son nouvel album "Fear Those Who Fear Him" (CD) le 02 Juin 2017 via CENTURY MEDIA

1. Born To Decay
2. Messiah
3. Degeneration
4. An Apathetic Grave
5. Nihilist
6. Amongst The Filth
7. Kill All Your Masters
8. The Merciless Tide
9. Dead World Breathes
10. Soldier Of Christ
11. Cursed From The Womb
12. Temple Of Rats

PROMO VIDEO VALLENFYRE An Apathetic Grave (Lyric Video)