TOM KEIFER promo video: Waiting On The Demons (Lyric Video)

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Waiting On The Demons (Lyric Video)
Nouvelle Promo Video pour l'album 'Rise'
sorti le 20-09-2019 via Cleopatra Records.

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Le groupe Hard Rock Américain TOM KEIFER sortira un nouvel album intitulé 'Rise' (CD) le 20 Septembre 2019 via Cleopatra Records

1. Touching The Divine
2. The Death Of Me
3. Waiting On The Demons
4. Hype
5. Untitled
6. Rise
7. All Amped Up
8. Breaking Down
9. Taste For The Pain
10. Life Was Here
11. You Believe In Me

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PROMO VIDEO TOM KEIFER Waiting On The Demons (Lyric Video)