TIM BOWNESS promo video: It’s The World (Lyric Video)

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It’s The World (Lyric Video)
Nouvelle Promo Video pour l'album 'Flowers At The Scene' sorti le 01-03-2019 via INSIDE OUT Music voir ci-dessous
Le groupe Progressive TIM BOWNESS (Royaume-Uni) sortira son nouvel album 'Flowers At The Scene' (CD) le 01 Mars 2019 via INSIDE OUT Music

1. I Go Deeper
2. The Train That Pulled Away
3. Rainmark
4. Not Married Anymore
5. Flowers At The Scene
6. It’s The World
7. Borderline
8. Ghostlike
9. The War On Me
10. Killing To Survive
11. What Lies Here

PROMO VIDEO TIM BOWNESS It’s The World (Lyric Video)