NORTHTALE promo video: Siren's Fall (Lyric Video)

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Siren's Fall (Lyric Video)
Nouvelle Promo Video pour l'album 'Welcome to Paradise' sorti le 05-07-2019 via NUCLEAR BLAST.

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Le groupe Power Metal NORTHTALE (Suède) sortira son nouvel album 'Welcome to Paradise' (CD) le 05 Juillet 2019 via NUCLEAR BLAST

1. Welcome To Paradise
2. Higher
3. Follow Me
4. The Rhythm of Life
5. Time To Rise
6. Way Of The Light (Bonus Track)
7. Shape Your Reality
8. Everyone's A Star
9. Siren's Fall
10. Bring Down The Mountain
11. Playing With Fire
12. If Angels Are Real
13. Even When

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PROMO VIDEO NORTHTALE Siren's Fall (Lyric Video)