DISENTOMB promo video: The Decaying Light (Audio Track)

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The Decaying Light (Audio Track)
Nouvelle Promo Video pour l'album 'The Decaying Light' sorti le 12-07-2019 via UNIQUE LEADER Records.

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Le groupe Death Metal DISENTOMB (Australie) sortira son nouvel album 'The Decaying Light' (CD) le 12 Juillet 2019 via UNIQUE LEADER Records

1. Collapsing Skies
2. Your Prayers Echo into Nothingness (feat. Matti Way)
3. Indecipherable Sermons of Gloom
4. Undying Dysphoria
5. Centuries of Deluge
6. The Decaying Light
7. The Great Abandonment
8. Dredged into Existence
9. The Droning Monolith
10. Dismal Liturgies
11. Invocation in the Cathedral of Dust
12. Rebirth through Excoriation
13. Withering

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PROMO VIDEO DISENTOMB The Decaying Light (Audio Track)