ALAN PARSONS promo video: Sometimes (Audio Track)

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Sometimes (Audio Track)
Nouvelle Promo Video pour l'album 'The Secret' sorti le 26-04-2019 via FRONTIERS Records voir ci-dessous
Le groupe Progressive ALAN PARSONS (Royaume-Uni) sortira son nouvel album 'The Secret' (CD) le 26 Avril 2019 via FRONTIERS Records

1. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Instrumental)
2. Miracle
- Lead vocal: Jason Mraz
3. As Lights Fall
- Lead vocal: Alan Parsons
4. One Note Symphony
- Lead vocal: Todd Cooper
5. Sometimes
- Lead vocal: Lou Gramm
6. Soirée Fantastique
- Lead vocal: Todd Cooper, Alan Parsons
7. Fly To Me
- Lead vocal: Mark Mikel
8. Requiem
- Lead vocal: Todd Cooper
9. Years Of Glory
- Lead vocal: PJ Olsson
10. The Limelight Fades Away
- Lead vocal: Jordan Huffman
11. I Can't Get There From Here
- Lead vocal: Jared Mahone

PROMO VIDEO ALAN PARSONS Sometimes (Audio Track)