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1. A Reqiuem For Tomorrow
2. Madness Within
3. Seen It All
4. The Heresy
5. What A Shame
6. Pulse
7. Carry On
8. The Time Has Come
9. 11th Hour
10. I Am The One
11. The Flood
12. Where The End Begins

Voir la suite [...]

13. Confutatis
Bonus Tracks:
14. To The Front
15. Sound Of Destruction
16. Another Ghost
17. Lacrimosa


Masked horror metal icons MUSHROOMHEAD ascends to the next level of heavy greatness with A Wonderful Life!

For the better part of the past five years, top-charting masked metal machine MUSHROOMHEAD have been crafting the epic follow up to their monumental 2014 full-length album, The Righteous & The Butterfly - waiting patiently to drop their next collection of anthems. MUSHROOMHEAD make their Lire la suite [...] prodigious return with the new full-length oeuvre, A Wonderful Life, the Cleveland collectives eighth release of their benchmark career. The Limited Edition Digipack version of the album clocks in at a whopping 70+ minutes with its four bonus tracks - leaving a total of 17 stellar compositions in its wake for fans to devour. The band shifts into high gear with introductory track "A Requiem For Tomorrow", beginning with an ominous Latin choral piece and juxtaposing heavy industrial-inspired grooves with melodic synths. This sets the stage for stocky, chant-worthy arena anthems such as "Seen It All" and hair-raising, politically-inclined tracks like "The Heresy" and "Carry On", both featuring the sinister multi-voice attack of new full-time vocalist Ms. Jackie and returning longtime vocalist J Mann, with an extra punch from fellow new vocalist Mr. Rauckhorst on the latter. Tracks like "What A Shame", "I Am The One" and "Madness Within" will prove a treat for new and diehard MUSHROOMHEAD fans alike - providing the macabre inspiration followers have come to crave with a weighty dose of galloping drums and bone-rattling guitars, to boot. This is accented by the sharp production of band mastermind/drummer Skinny, as well as the mixing prowess of Matt Wallace (Faith No More, 3 Doors Down), also recognized for his work on the bands classic offering XIII. MUSHROOMHEAD attacks track after track with a refreshed focus, delivering a carefully-curated selection of certified future hits. A Wonderful Life re-cements the bands position as one of the most consistently impactful heavy bands of our generation.


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