MANTICORA To Live To Kill To Live CD Soon!

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1. Katana - The Moths And the Dragonflies/Katana - Mud
2. To Nanjing (Instrumental)
3. The Farmer's Tale Pt. 3 - Eaten By The Beasts
4. Slaughter In The Desert Room
5. Through The Eyes Of The Killer - Filing Teeth
6. Katana - Death Of The Meaning Of Life
7. Tasered/Ice Cage
8. Goodbye Tina
9. Tasered/Removal
10. Stalin Strikes (Instrumental)
11. Ten Thousand Cold Nights
12. Katana - Beheaded


The music on both albums was recorded partially in the band's own studio and recorded/mixed in Hansen Studios, with World-famous producer, Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction, a.o.) who also produced the first two MANTICORA albums back in the last millenium.

MUSIQUE VIDEO MANTICORA The Farmer's Tale Pt. 3 - Eaten By The Beasts

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