IRIST Order Of The Mind
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1. Eons
2. Burning Sage
3. Severed
4. Creation
5. Dead Prayers
6. Insurrection
7. Order Of The Mind
8. Harvester
9. The Well
10. Nerve


IRIST. A word that’s not a word. Contained inside, however, are words - rist, iris, and stir - that hold not just heavy meaning but are powerful descriptors that define the boundless potential of extreme metal’s newest and brightest hopeful. Rist is to carve a rune (or symbol) into stone. The concept of permanence and longevity is rife throughout IRIST’s debut album, "Order of the Mind". The recently formed quintet Lire la suite [...] have, in effect, crafted a debut that will withstand time. An iris can refer to a mechanism that controls light received or a flower that has, since time immemorial, represented courage and wisdom. Indeed, there’s nothing but courage on display by three of IRIST’s five members who travelled from their South American homelands to arrive at, live in, and form a band in Atlanta. To stir is entirely musical. The thrum of heavy emotion imbued into and emanating out of singles 'Burning Sage', 'Creation', and 'Severed' is above and beyond the outfit’s mere five years together. At once a representative of contemporary anxiety and old-fashioned aggression, "Order Of The Mind" is hewn from the very same things that made SEPULTURA’s "Chaos A.D.", MACHINE HEAD’s "Burn My Eyes", MASTODON’s "Crack The Skye", and GOJIRA’s "The Way Of All Flesh" so timeless and irrepressibly great. In short, IRIST’s debut, "Order Of The Mind", is a must-hear.

While there are vestiges of the group’s pan-South American heritage (from Andean music to heroes SEPULTURA) throughout "Order Of The Mind", the band’s collective influences come from all parts of the heavy spectrum. From THE MELVINS, RATOS DE PORAO, and ALICE IN CHAINS to THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SOUNDGARDEN, and CONVERGE, IRIST fold in, twist fervently, and scorch their faves until they’re decidedly protean and uniquely a product of the fivesome’s songwriting prowess. To wit, album opener ‘Eons’ is IRIST’s intelligent hammer. It pounds with purpose but since IRIST operate beyond their years not everything in the band’s view is a nail. Likewise, ‘Dead Prayers’ and the title track bulldoze the clichés of hardcore and death metal but honor the genres’ timeworn tenets. ‘The Well’, however, irrupts before settling into a killer groove. It’s the kind of song only IRIST could fashion out of their varied influences into single, driving force. In many respects, "Order Of The Mind" is itinerant, introspective, portentous, indefatigable in its attack, but that’s not all it is either. IRIST’s angst-powered thrusts are distinctly advanced.


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