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1. Intro
2. Our Apologies (Music Video)
3. Worlds Collide (Instrumental/remix)
4. We Are The Truth (Music Video)
5. How Many Times (Instrumental/remix)
6. Graveyard Du Jour (Music Video)
7. Portraits of the Poor (instrumental/remix)
8. Devils Be Damned (Music Video)
9. Qwerty (Remix)
10. Out My Mind (Music Video)
11. Devils Be Damned (Instrumental/remix)
12. Qwerty (Music Video)
13. Out My Mind (instrumental/remix)
14. Qwerty (Cut footage)
15. One More Day (Jackie vocals/remix)
16. Childlike (Instrumental)
17. This Cold Reign (Instrumental remix)

Voir la suite [...]

18. Son of 7 (Instrumental remix)/BTS
19. "Caviar Gold ad"
20. BTS/For Your Pleasure (Instrumental remix)
21. Worlds Collide (Instrumental remix)/BTS
22. BTS/misc. Instrumental remixes
23. One More Day (Live/Jackie vocals)
24. BTS/Our Apologies (Instrumental remix)
25. For Your Pleasure (Live)
26. We Are The Truth (Music Video alt.)
27. BTS/misc. Instrumental remixes
28. Devils Be Damned, Qwerty, Our Apologies (Music Video commentary by kids)
29. Qwerty Shreds 4k
30. Credits


"VOLUME III" features over 90 minutes of new material including stunning new music videos, backstage antics and exclusive never-seen-before content.

Mushroomhead came together when drummer Skinny formed the band as a side project. The band wore masks to go unrecognized, but after only a few shows they developed a rabid and loyal fan base in Cleveland. They released their 1995 self-titled Lire la suite [...] debut album independently and it went on to became an underground hit. This was history in the making because the band really had no proper distribution. Superbuick followed in 1996 and M3 in 1999, all released via an underground street effort.

After the band felt its image and hyper-melodic, heavy style of music was being diluted by other bands jumping into this space, the band started to change their look to reflect nothing out there. Universal Records saw the release of XX (a combination of the past independent releases) in 2001. In 2003, XIII was released, spawning the single "Sun Doesn't Rise" which was featured on MTV: Headbangers Ball and the Freddy Vs. Jason soundtrack. The album also featured the hidden track "Crazy", a song originally recorded by Seal. The album debuted at #40 on the Billboard Top 200 charts and sold 400,000 copies worldwide.



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