BONFIRE Live on Holy Ground - Wacken 2018 DVD

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1. In the Beginning
2. Ready 4 Reaction
3. Never Mind
4. Don't Touch the Light
5. American Nights
6. Give It a Try
7. Sword and Stone
8. Sdi
9. Sweet Obsession
10. Champion
Bonus Videos:
11. Praying 4 A Miracle (Radio edit)
12. Locomotive Breath (Radio edit)
13. American Nights (2019)
14. Sweet Obsession (2019)


German Hard Rock band BONFIRE for a couple of decades has been one of the busiest touring bands and consistently also is a regular guest at numerous big European Metal festivals. On August 4th, 2018 the Ingolstadt based group once again set a highlight performance at the world’s biggest Heavy Metal festival: Wacken Open Air.


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