DEVOID Lonely Eye Movement
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1. Lonely Eye Movement
2. Man Without Fear
3. Impostor
4. Destination Heaven
5. Waiting For The Storm
6. In The Absence Of Holiness
7. Mirror Maze
8. Hands Of Salvation
9. Stroboscope Life
10. Martial Hearts
11. Wood And Wind


"The music was written with Jorris Guilbaud and me and Carsten [Schulz] wrote the lyrics. It's a song about the horror of dealing with depression, trying to make your way through every single day. It doesn't matter at all what others might tell you about what or who you are, the struggle never stops. We wanted to give a melancholic atmosphere to these songs, but we wanted to leave hope at the end," says guitarist Lire la suite [...] Shad Mae of the album's title track.

Of the album's overall sound, Shad continues, "the idea was to achieve the perfect mix between my heaviest influences (Evergrey, Devin Townsend, Soilwork, etc.) and AOR bands I like (Winger, White Heart, Giant, Strangeways, etc.) and to produce an album which is very catchy and timeless."

Devoid's second album overall, “Lonely Eye Movement” is a huge step forward for the band and the perfect vehicle to introduce them to a larger international audience. Coming four years after their debut album, “Cup of Tears”, musically, the band develops the melodic and slightly progressive sound of the debut and makes "Lonely Eye Movement" perfectly suited for fans of hard hitting, but very melodic metal.


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