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1. Born From Chaos
2. Judges Of The Underworld
3. Nemesis
4. Comfort Of Complicity
5. Pain Of Oizys
6. Golden Apples Of The Hesperides
7. Castigated In Steel And Concrete
8. Gorgon Sisters
9. Veil Of Night
10. Technologies Of Death


Led by the unique lyrical and vocal talents of Larissa Stupar, VENOM PRISONs rise to prominence has been swift and exhilarating. Both 2016 debut album "Animus" and its 2019 follow-up "Samsara" received widespread praise from media and fans alike, while the bands ferocious live shows notched up acres of wide-eyed acclaim. As a result, the release of VENOM PRISONs third full-length, "Erebos", is destined to be one of Lire la suite [...] /the/ metal events of 2022. A wildly inventive but utterly destructive onslaught of genre-defying extremity, "Erebos" is a giant leap forward and deafening confirmation that VENOM PRISON are the real, ground-breaking deal. "Everything needed to be bigger, better, catchier," says guitarist Ash Gray. "We have said many times in the past that this band will not write the same record over and over again. It wasnt about showing how heavy we can be. We know were a heavy band. We just wanted to be more creative, and this time we had the luxury of having time on our side. Larissas distinctive style comes through even stronger. Its even more poetic, while still critical of the issues we face in Western society." A thrilling explosion of artful savagery, warped melodies and tumultuous atmospherics, "Erebos" is a powerful, defining statement from one of the most exciting bands of the modern era. From humble origins to undisputed heavyweight status, VENOM PRISON are now an unstoppable force. "Erebos has really opened our horizons as a band, making us want to be more creative as a whole. For us, it has always been about evolving musically and progress with every single step we take, and that will never change. We have a lot more to explore and we are confident that were capable of doing so. The grind must continue."


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