VARIOUS ARTISTS Slatanic Slaughter
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CD 1:
01.Dissection - Anti Christ
02.Hypocrisy - Black Magic
03.Merciless - Crionics
04.At The Gates - Captor Of Sin
05.Invocator - Altar Of Sacrifice
06.Enslaved - Jesus Saves
07.Edge Of Sanity - Criminally Insane
08.Seance - Post Mortem
09.Cemetary - South Of Heaven
10.Crown Of Thorns - Mandatory Suicide
11.Grope - Spill The Blood

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CD 2:
01.Necrophobic - Die By The Sword
02.Luciferion - Chemical Warfare
03.Cradle Of Filth - Hell Awaits
04.Sinister - Praise Of Death
05.Benediction - Necrophiliac
06.Liers In Wait - Angel Of Death
07.Coffinman - Epidemic
08.Malevolent Creation - Raining Blood
09.Vader - Silent Scream
10.Anathema - Read Between The Lies
11.Unanimated - Dead Skin Mask
12.Disaffected - Seasons In The Abyss


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