VARIOUS ARTISTS Christmas Carnage 2014
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1. Nidstong (Einherjer)
2. Slaves (1349)
3. Mylder (Kampfar)
4. LĂžyndomsriss (Wardruna)
5. 10.000 Lovers (In One) (TNT)
6. Midnatt (Oslo Ess)
7. Cthulhu (Vredehammer)
8. Songen: Vargen (Solefald)
9. A Fading Horizon (Iskald)
10. Blood Storm Prophecy (Patria)
11. Evig Heder (Blodhemn)
12. Sting Of Death (Extol)

Voir la suite [...]

13. No Skin, No Armor (Oslo Faenskap)
14. Conquer All (Woland)
15. 8 Times X Equals This (Jack Dalton)
16. Karlsgrundet (Riwen)
17. The Black Northern Ritual (Posthum)
18. Mystery Sells (The Osiris Club)
19. Bad Phase (Deathbed Reunion)


Indie Recordings - the leading hard rock and metal label in Scandinavia, looks back on an amazing 2014 filled with high quality and groundbreaking bands and releases.
This hard-hitting compilation contains songs from amazing acts such as;
The no. 1 radio hit "Midnatt" by the chart dominating Oslo Ess.
Ruthless single "Slaves" by the undisputed advocates of true Norwegian black metal in 1349.
Lire la suite [...] /> Return of the legendary TNT who serve you the monster hit "10.000 Lovers (In One)" live accompanied by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.
Deafening black metal from Kampfar, who in 2014 opened the infamous Inferno festival and celebrated 20 glorious years of digging the muck and bile of the underworlds.
Melancholic insight into the ancient faith of the Vikings delivered to you by the 2014 Golden Gods winners Wardruna.
Hidden yet up-and-coming gems in bands such as Oslo Faenskap, Jack Dalton as well as the progressive virtuosity of The Osiris Club.
...and more!

Enjoy this label compilation and walk with us track by track through these dark Christmas times, with the spirit of metal as our guide! Stay tuned for more high quality bands and releases from Indie Recordings in 2015.
Horns up, and a metal new year!


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