TONY MITCHELL Hot Endless Summer Nights
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1. Hot Endless Summer Nights
2. Can't Fight It
3. Blame It On The Rock N Roll
4. Strong Enough
5. Drowning In A Sea Of Paradise
6. Caught In The Headlights
7. Neon Sky
8. Leave The World Behind
9. Turn Back Time
10. With You In A Heartbeat
11. Faithless
12. Calling Mother Nature


Nearly two years on, Tony Mitchell releases his third & most ambitious album to date, "Hot Endless Summer Nights", which predominantly has an 80s retrowave flavour. He draws on the experiences he had in the USA in the late 80s. Mitchell spent several months travelling coast to coast taking in the sights, sounds & overall American culture and always said it was a massive influence on his songwriting.
Mitchell Lire la suite [...] comments: "I wanted to create something a little different from the first two albums, pushing myself further to try & connect with a modern 80s feel. I have tried to blend my normal AOR/melodic rock style with an 80s vibe as I love that era not only for the music but for the movies too. The 80s movies had some killer soundtracks and always had a big influence, especially in my earlier days with Fantazia. As I was writing the songs, I spent a lot of time concentrating on my keyboard playing & sourcing the right sounds for the tracks but keeping the vocals & guitar to the forefront. I wanted to make an uplifting album where you can travel through time, close your eyes and maybe visualize a mini movie for each individual track. As a songwriter, I never want to stand still and with this album, I just wanted to take everyone to a different place after the traumatic years we have all had, to take a trip back in time or a journey into the future."


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