THRESHOLD Dividing Lines
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1. Haunted
2. Hall Of Echoes
3. Let It Burn
4. Silenced
5. The Domino Effect
6. Complex
7. King Of Nothing
8. Lost Along The Way
9. Run
10. Defence Condition


While "Legends Of The Shires" presented a self-contained narrative that enabled THRESHOLD to let their imaginations run wild, "Dividing Lines" eschews the conceptual approach in favour of a more traditional group of songs, linked by a hazy but unmistakable common theme.

“Legends carried more of a message of redemption, whereas 'Dividing Lines' has got a tougher narrative –it’s more a collection Lire la suite [...] of cautionary tales,” West explains. “It’s got a political commentary woven through it. It reminds me a little bit of our 2004 album 'Subsurface' in that way, which had songs like 'Mission Profile', 'Art Of Reason' and 'Opium', which looked at topics like propaganda, censorship and corruption. So it’s in that area. If there is a positive message to the album, it’s one about staying true to yourself, trusting your heart and not being swept away by what’s going on around you. But we’re living in uncertain times and the overall mood of the album reflects that.”


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